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2021 bookings

2022 bookings


Looking to stay in 2021?

We will open once regulations allow.  However, when we do, we are alreafdy fully booked through to mid November.  We do sometimes get cancellations, and particularly this year people’s plans are changing all the time. However they tend to be last minute.

The house is available for Christmas/Hogmanay 2021-22



Looking to Stay in 2022?

We will open for bookings for 2022 in August-September 2021, as we give existing guests first refusal on the next year.  We are proud to say we have some folk who have been since we opened, without missing a year. We are usually full, or near to it, by Christmas.  

We do understand that booking a stay isn’t easy, but alas there is only one house, and it’s a rather special house in a an even more special place.  We built it, partly out of frustration with finding somewhere to stay – a rather extreme solution, but a rewarding one!  We could put prices up, but that would price people out and we want to give as many people as possible the chance to enjoy this remarkable corner of the world. Maybe we’ll build another one one day.  

You are very welcome to do is drop us a note with your preferences at any time of year and we’ll do our best to incorporate them into the next year’s bookings, particularly if you have a wedding or special event.  The most popular weeks are unsurprisingly the Scottish school holidays from the end of June to mid August. Given the popularity, we do keep strictly to a weekly booking in the season – starting on a Friday, partly to accommodate wedding parties.

We have a number of guests who have had to postpone visits from April 2021, so Easter 2022 is already largely booked.









Prefer a Short Break?

Between early November and February , the house is available for short-breaks of 4 nights or more starting at £495 as well as weekly stays from £795.

Looking for an Extended Break?

For an extended break we offer a 10% discount on the second and subsequent weeks.  If you are interested in booking the house for an extended period of a month or more, please click below for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Can Stay?

The house accommodates 6 comfortably and 8 at a squeeze. We don’t recommend it for 8 adults.  The master double bedroom has en-suite.  A twin and a second double room share the main bathroom.  There is a double sofa-bed in the separate study with its own adjacent shower room. 

What is the Basis for Summer Bookings?

Our Bookings during the summer are on a weekly basis from Friday to Friday.   If you want to stay for less, the weekly charge would still apply.

What’s the Earliest I can Book in Advance?

We do not take bookings for the house more than a season ahead.  We open for general bookings on 1 September each year the following summer.  July and August are both in heavy demand, and with regular bookings to accommodate, we cannot guarantee availability before then.

Can I Change a Booking?

You can move your booking any time up until 4 weeks before your stay without penalty.  After this we will be as reasonable as we can (things happen), but cannot commit to moving a booking and treat it as a cancellation (see below)

Can I Cancel a Booking?

We will refund any rental or deposit paid by you if and when we re-let the property (we usually do).  We do not deduct an administration fee, but may need to offer a discount to secure the new booking, which will be deducted.

How do Short Breaks work?

Short breaks operate from early November to late February and offer you the chance to enjoy the house at a very reasonable price.  Outside of these time we only take full-week bookings. Cleaning charges make overnight and two-night breaks prohibitively expensive.

What about children?

It is an individual choice.  A balcony, a wood-burning stove and an upstairs living area mean you may want to look elsewhere if you have very young children.  Equally we have some young families who come back year after year, who appreciate having comfortable self-catering accommodation in Luskentyre.

How accessible is the house?

The house was built 10 years ago, so reflects modern building standards but has no special adaptations for those with limited mobility (e.g., stair lift).  Two of the bedrooms can be reached step-free from the drive. However, the living area is upstairs. The stairs are wide and at a reasonable angle.

Do you Take Pets?

We hate to say No, but it’s No.  Rover or Felix simply make life harder all round and we struggle to squeeze in time for everyone during the season as it is. 

Do you Allow Smoking in the House?

Smoking inside the house is now illegal.  You are welcome to smoke outside, but smoking on the wooden balcony is not a good idea.

Do we need a car?

The bus runs four times a day and stops near the house, and Harris is great for cyclists, but in reality you need a car.  You will be 10 miles from the nearest shop and 45 miles from the nearest hospital.

Can I Book on the Phone?

Yes – please call us on 07808 098860.  We will need your address, mobile number and email address to take a booking.  We will send a confirmation of your booking by email with details of how to pay the deposit.

Any Other Questions? Any Problems?

If you would prefer us to make the booking for you or need to let us know about specific requirements, please use our contact form. We aim to get back to every enquiry within 24 working hours. You can also use the form if you have any questions or just fancy dropping us an email!