Those from Far Afield

by | 28 Aug, 2020 | Tourist Information

The Outer Hebrides: Island Hopping Guide.

Weave your way through Scotland’s wild Western Isles(also known as the Hebrides), in a bracing swirl of flinty waves, glinting sun and salty air…

Scotland and its wild Hebridean islands.

Among Scotland’s great gifts to the world are peated single malts and finely woven tweed. Over a few drams, we meet the visionaries who draw their inspiration from the wild Hebridean islands…

How Harris Tweed Went From Humble Island Cloth to High-Fashion Staple.

No one will tell you that it’s easy to live in the Outer Hebrides. Even in the 21st century, with central heating, Amazon Prime and regular flights to the mainland, these rugged, rocky Scottish Islands remain isolated, lonely places…


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